🎉Remuneration for attracting a new user to the DMNTR project

The DMNTR project uses an innovative referral system so that participants can multiply their income and with great interest attract new adventurers and gamblers for a more exciting pastime and getting a dose of adrenaline.

Also, the referral system allows players to receive additional nice bonuses for inviting new members to DMNTR. You can invite your friends by copying the referral link specified in the referral program section or by using a personal promo code.

To receive 100% rewards for completing the Quest, you need to invite only two friends through your referral link or using your own promo code.

If there will be only one invitee - the reward will also be, but in the amount of 75%. Without a single invitee - only 50%.

Invite your friends and take all possible bonuses and rewards! 💰

Read more about rewards in the Quest HERE.

💰 You will receive royalties from all purchases of your invited members, as well as from winning tournaments*🔜 and championships*🔜 🫂🤝.

The formula is simple — the more participants you invite — the more you earn!

Royalties for invited friends are credited to a special account and will be credited to the main account only if the participant completes the Quest and is an active DMNTR user.

The number of levels in depth depends on what Type of Dominator you have in your Storage. The higher Dominator's Type — the deeper in royalty levels 🤑🤑🤑.

You can view your referrals (and referrals of your referrals) by going to the "Referral Program" section.

The maximum number of levels is 5:

F — Free

C — Common

U — Uncommon

E — Epic

L — Legendary

R — Royal







Table №2: "Number of levels in the referral program depending on Dominator's Type".

📢 Each Race has its own individual percentages on levels. Read more HERE.

*🔜 — feature in development.

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