📣About DMNTR project

Welcome to the unique world of DMNTR 🦾 — a central app and blockchain game on the BNB network that combines aspects of healthy living, gamification and cryptocurrency, combining simple and fun gameplay with a user-friendly, intuitive, user interface and a sustainable economy.

📣 Directions:

The Dominator app includes three destinations that allow users to earn rewards by performing certain actions: Play-to-earn, Move-to-earn, and Learn-to-earn.

📍 Play2Earn

🖇️ In the virtual arcade universe of web3 DMNTR each player will discover a huge variety of unique mechanics and opportunities to monetize their gaming skills. Each Dominator isn't just a personage, but a real character with its own unique look. Here you can pump and improve your NFT characters acquired on the Marketplace to enter the "competitive ring" and fight for impressive rewards 🏆 by playing the game 🎮. Among the many Dominators, everyone will find one that will be a perfect fit for their play style and strategy.

📍 Move2Earn*🔜

🖇️ The game motivates players to lead a healthy lifestyle 🏃 by gamifying daily activity and turning it into a real quest: every step actually passed is converted into precious in-game soft-currency — DTR, which you can use to pump Dominators and other in-game activities.

📍 Learn2Earn*🔜

🖇️ The world of DMNTR encourages more than just the activities mentioned above. You can also earn rewards for enriching your knowledge and learning new skills 📚. Our long-term mission isn't just to create a game, but a community that explores and adopts new technologies with us. We aim to bring thousands of people into the web3 world who have no prior experience with cryptocurrencies or blockchain, and help them start their journey in the amazing world of technology in an easy to understand way 👌🏼.

*🔜 — feature in development.

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