🎮Mechanics and control

👾 Plunging into the bottomless depths of the Mine, the Operator becomes not just a participant, but a true hunter of Energon a vital resource that, in addition to feeding his Dominator with energy, also gives him irresistible strength and power. Thus, by increasing the size of the Dominator, the Operator cleverly eliminates his competitors and performs many parallel tasks. And only the most agile and brave will emerge victorious from this intense game of survival.

🕹️ The Dominator has combined control mechanics. It means that you can participate in Raids using two modes of Dominator control: Manual Control (MC), where every movement is under your control, and Automatic Control (AC), where the Dominator collects Energon on its own, destroys Bots, attacks competitors and fights for you.

🗯️ "Such games have existed for quite a long time and have already managed to win the hearts of gamers, repeatedly proving their popularity and survivability. But now, in such games, given the opportunity not only to experience the adrenaline of battle, but also to participate in tournaments, fighting for real money 💸💸💸💸."

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