⚔️🛡️ MINE — is the location of Raids, a cluster of hunters for a new kind of super energy in one area where the concentration of Energon is the highest.

A mine is a place where Energon is released from the honeycomb plates, which, with the help of Dominators, is mined by humans.

The Operator (participant) can choose which Raid mode (currently there is only one) to go to.

In addition to Energon, in the Mine you can find 🔑 Artifacts, which give additional bonuses, 🤖 Bots — their slowness makes them easy prey for Dominators, and 🛸 Drones*🔜 — if you're lucky enough to catch them while they're collecting Energon.

The Operator can track the Dominator's location in the Mine by mini-map.

In the upper left corner is a mini-map, and the upper right corner shows the TOP-10 Dominators with the actual TOP spot and its size. Underneath them is the rank and length of your Dominator.

*🔜 — feature in development.

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