DMD — purple

🟪 DMD — reward token 🏆

All transactions made with an external DMD gold token go through the blockchain and include a commission for financial transactions. In order to save money for our participants, so that they don't have to pay this fee every time, the DMNTR project developed a purple DMD token - pending balance. This is a kind of piggy bank, which receives rewards for Quests and from which all financial transactions can be made.

Pending balance — developed by DMNTR to save participants money.

Thus, DMDs received for Quests are deposited into the purple account.

You can purchase DMDs:

  • As a reward by completing a Quest

  • By defeating a competitor in team events*🔜

  • By winning prizes in tournaments and championships*🔜

  • Spinning the Prize Drum*🔜

With DMD purple, you can make transactions such as:

  • Buying Dominators

  • Upgrade Dominators

  • Buying Syndicate

  • Buying a premium account*🔜

  • Exchange for in-game token DTR

In order to withdraw earned funds in the project to your personal non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet (for example, such as MetaMask) or any other wallet — you need to convert DMD purple to DMD gold in the DMNTR exchanger, paying a one-time commission BSC.

DMD is converted to DMD on the blockchain wallet if:

  • The minimum amount on the pending balance is 5 DMDs

*🔜 — feature in development.

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