🎁Quest Reward

Completion of the Quest gives:

  • Daily reward in DMD

  • No Genetics reduction*🔜

  • League Box*🔜

To receive 100% rewards for completing the Quest, you need to invite only two friends through your referral link or using your own promo code.

If there will be only one invitee - the reward will also be, but in the amount of 75%. Without a single invitee - only 50%.

Invite your friends and take all possible bonuses and rewards! 💰

📌 The amount of the reward is determined based on several parameters:

  1. Number of Dominators The big role has the number of NFTs that a project participant has — the rewards for them all add up!

  2. Type of Dominator Buy the Royal Dominator on Marketplace and get the maximum rewards in the DMNTR project! Read more about Types HERE.

  3. Level of Dominator Upgrade your Dominator to level 40 and get the highest possible reward for the Dominator Type by completing the Quest! Read more about Levels HERE.

  4. Referral program Invite just two friends to the project using a personal referral link or promo code and get 100% of the daily rewards. Read more about payout percentages HERE.

*🔜 — feature in development.

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