🪐DMNTR History

💫🪐 Where it all came from:

The Cyberia planet, which is almost entirely covered with strange honeycomb-shaped plates, releasing from the planet’s core a powerful form of previously unknown super energy — Energon — is quickly becoming a new Klondike 🌠. Seekers of adventure, profit and glory, from all corners of the Universe inhabited by humanity, rushed to Cyberia in pursuit of quick profit 🛸. A real gold rush is breaking out. However, entrepreneurs faced with an unexpected obstacle — Energon itself turns out to be fatal to humans in its pure form ☢️.

To extract and transport Energon, people are forced to use mysterious robotic organisms called Dominators 🐍. These snake-like mechs were found in the deep caves of Cyberia and became an integral part of the Energon mining process. Each section of the Dominator is an energy accumulator and the more sections, the more energy Dominator can absorb 🔋. But even with such helpers, extraction proves difficult and dangerous due to the Dominator-Guardians protecting the energy source.

To control the Dominators, you need Operators — specially trained people who use the latest neurotransmission system. This's the case when the Operator's mind is merged with the Dominator 🔗 with the help of drift-technology of neural control. A nano-cell is implanted into the Dominator's head (decision-making center) and the Operator's cerebral cortex to appear a neural link, allowing the Dominator to be controlled remotely. Each Dominator who has undergone this procedure receives a unique ID ☝🏼.

Stronger connection — better management effect 🌪️! However, not everyone can become an Operator. Drift-compatibility and neurosynchronization of two different organisms must occur according to the same principle as in transplantation: compatibility of donor and recipient 🧬. Dominators can be purchased in a special market.

Workshops on Cyberia become the place where firms upgrade their Dominators, making the mining process more efficient 💥. It's important to note that large corporations aren't always more successful than small firms, since much depends on the skill of the Operator and the degree of strength of the drift-compatibility.

Despite the advanced technology and skill of the Operators, each Dominator, though powered by Energon, still has a limited life activity resource — which adding to the tension in the race ☄️ for new super energy and making it harder to extract.

So begins a new era on the Cyberia planet, where humans and robot-organisms work together in search of a new source of energy for a brighter future. However, as they move deeper into the depths of the planet, they encounter dark secrets and threats, supported by rumors of ancient creatures and mysterious force fields 🧲. In this fight for survival and control of Energon, a new chapter begins in the history of Cyberia, where intelligence and technology must unite to overcome the challenges of the future 🎇.

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