🤖 DOMINATOR is an NFT character, a robot-organism that dwells in the depths of the caves of the Cyberia planet.

The Dominator can absorb Energon into every section of its hull, which is a sort of energy storage unit, without harming itself. It's used by humans to extract super energy and is controlled by drift technology.

The Dominator is sold on a specialized Marketplace 🛍️.

What makes the Dominator unique? He can change his appearance by changing his cyber-skin. And it's not just about beauty - first of all, it's a tactical advantage that will help you survive the toughest battles with your competitors and overcome any obstacles.

But be careful! In the world of Raids, every encounter with another Dominator is a potential threat. When the head end of your Dominator collides with another, the robotic organism is destroyed, scattering its precious Energon across the honeycomb slabs. Then it can be picked up by your competitors.

And remember! Mine boundaries are also dangerous. If you touch a Mine boundary with your (Dominator's) head, you will be destroyed and the collected Energon will be absorbed into the soil.

You'll have to learn how to maneuver the Dominator amidst danger to emerge victorious in this exciting game of power and technology. It's like dancing with a technological superhero - you command and he fulfills your wishes with flawless precision.

🔩 The Dominator consists of these parts:

  1. The head part. This part contains the Dominator's "brains", the calculation and decision making center.

  2. Body. The Energon's "battery". It consists of sections, the more sections there are, the more energy Dominator can absorb.

🧮 Dominator's Skills:

  1. Acceleration. The "Acceleration" skill increases Dominator's movement speed. Using this skill, the Dominator loses Energy, which regenerates over time. Pick up Energon to regenerate energy faster.

  2. Stopping. The "Stop" skill stops Dominator's movement as long as the button is held down (but no more than 5 seconds). At this point, you can take a short timeout, catch your breath in an extreme moment, and decide which way to move to get past the danger.

  3. Phase Shift. The "Phase Shift" skill makes the Dominator transparent for 5 seconds by causing its to vibrate at a certain frequency so it can pass through other objects. During Phase Shift, the Dominator can cross with other Dominators without being destroyed.

🔋 The Dominator has two components associated with the life resource:

  • Energy - Dominator's charge

  • Existence - Dominator's life activity resource


Energy is the "health", the Dominator's charge, its daily state. It's necessary to charge the Dominator every day to keep it in perfect condition.

The Dominator loses 10% Energy every day (along with this, the daily payout is reduced by 10%). If Dominator isn't refueled, after 10 days it'll be destroyed and goes to the Dump. It can be restored by paying double amount of the 10 days it wasn't refueled + for each day it was in the Dump.

The Dominator, which is in the Dump, cannot be sold on Marketplace!


Dominators also wear out over time and malfunction, completely destroying themselves. Such Dominators also end up in the Dump.

Dominator can be canned and kept for collection. Such Dominators are located in the Storage in a separate place and can be traded on the Marketplace*🔜.

But you can't play canned Dominators anymore!

🎨 Externally, Dominators differ from one another:

1. Type

🟣 Type is an external and functional distinction.

There are five Types of NFT Dominators. The sixth, Simple (Free), isn't an NFT.

  • Free

  • Common$29

  • Uncommon$99

  • Epic$499

  • Legendary $999

  • Royal $1999

Each NFT has its own Type, which determines the maximum potential in pumping the Dominator during Raids 😍. The higher Type, the more advantages and opportunities NFT has over previous Types 😍.

Benefits of Higher Types:

  • Increased income

  • More times Bridging*🔜

  • Increased chance of getting a good prize on the Drum*🔜

  • Increases the chance of getting a Syndicate at the end of a Raid*🔜

  • Walking multiplier*🔜

  • БMore features*🔜

  • Extra lives in Mine*🔜

2. Race

  • АК515

🟢 Race is the designation of the NFT collection.

As of today, there is only one Race in the project so far.

Each Race may have their own personal Characteristics*🔜.

As time goes on, the number of Ras will increase.

The Dominator-Guardian is a little-studied Race guarding Energon, so untamed by humans!

3. Level

  • 1-40

🔴 Level is a Dominator's stage of development.

Moving to a higher level gives you the opportunity to earn more on daily payments for completing the Quest. In order to move to a new level, you need to make a payment in DMD.

*🔜 — feature in development.

Soon*🔜 :

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