🛒What is marketplace?

By winning competitions and earning DMNTR tokens, you accumulate DMD and DTR in your wallet, which you can spend to buy Dominators on the Marketplace.

Marketplace 🛒🛍️ — a large in-game trading platform where you can buy NFT items. You can also sell NFT items on the Marketplace*🔜.

So, to earn as many DMD tokens as possible, you need to win as many competitions as possible. And to win more, you can buy some Dominators (not just one) 🦾🐍.

How do you get one more Dominator? 🤖

The only way to officially purchase Dominators without the risk of falling prey to scammers is to buy them on the official Marketplace❗

The DMNTR team isn't responsible for any NFTs purchased outside of the official in-game Marketplace. Therefore, to ensure that the NFT is original and has been mined by DMNTR, we strongly recommend you only purchase it from the official in-game Marketplace.

*🔜 — feature in development.

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