🔍How to download DMNTR and create an account

💭 We are more than sure that our community will not miss their chance to enjoy the game and unite with their Dominators in the fight for $DMD and DTR tokens! Join the project and prove that your Dominator is the best! 🏆🥇

  1. At the moment the game Dominator is only available in the Web version 🖥️, but we will be expanding to Android and iOS soon 📲. To play the Web version - click HERE.

  2. After you've opened the app, sign in.

  3. Choose a login method and start creating a new cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Be sure to write down the secret recovery phrase (cid-phrase), which includes is 12 words, and save it.

  • Go to the validation section and validate your cid-phrase by selecting words according to their positions in the cid-phrase.

  • 🎉 Congrats! You've created your wallet!

Once a participant has a wallet, it's time to meet its first Dominator 🦾. Each player gets one simple Level 0 Dominator, which is randomly generated from a set of genes. Once you get it, you can start participating in Raids and earning.

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