🪅Execution and conditions

📋 In order to complete the Quest, you need to:

  1. ✅ Press the "Start Quest" button, from this moment the timer starts - the participant has 24 hours to complete the Quest.

📣 IMPORTANT! The Quest will NOT start automatically, the countdown will start ONLY from the moment the button is pressed.

For example: if the button is pressed at 17:30 the end of the Quest will happen automatically at the same time of the next day.

  1. ✅ Complete specific tasks and earn 100 Quants.

Quant — (0-100) is the result of completing the tasks of the daily Quest. Each task = a certain number of Quants.

  1. ✅ Once you earn 100 Quants, you'll be rewarded with a purple DMD.

📣 IMPORTANT! When you reach 100 Quants, it'll be automatically converted to DMD tokens and then reseted to zero. Otherwise, the number of Quants is halved, and those 50% of Quants will be transferred to the next Quest.

The number of Quants isn't an absolute measure the same number of Quants from different participants may bring different amounts of rewards.

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