⚡ ENERGON is a new super energy that adventurers and super profiteers hunt for by mining it with the help of Dominators.

Energon takes the form of a multicolored ball-shaped plasma 🔴🟠🟡🟢🟣, absorbing which Dominator increases in size.

Energon is highlighted by the honeycomb-shaped slabs that cover all of Cyberia 🪐.

Dominator increases in length strictly by the corresponding amount of Energon picked up in the Mine.

  • When a Dominator is destroyed due to a collision with another Dominator, all Energon picked up during the Raid is broken up into separate elements that can be picked up by other members of the Raid (your competitors).

  • When a Dominator is destroyed, due to collision against the Mine boundary — Energon is absorbed into the plates.

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