📜Basic Concepts

Basic concepts and terminology used in the project:


a planet that contains a powerful form of super energy called Energon

a mineral of Cyberia that is mined by humans with the help of the Dominators

robot-organism controlled by the Operator, NFT-character


the untamed Dominator race, guardian of Energon

Dominator's life support

Dominator's charge

an ethnic variant of the Dominators

the external and functional difference of the NFT. The higher Dominator's Type (NFT) has more advantages and opportunities it has over previous Types

Dominator's stage of development. From 1 to 40

Dominator's quality enhancer, which is purchased on the Marketplace

a booster that is picked up by Dominator in the Mine during the Raid and is effective for a certain amount of time

Dominator begins to vibrate at a certain frequency and can pass through other objects


a trained specialist driving the Dominator using drift technology

Dominator's energy extraction site during the Raid.


the period of time from the Dominator's descent into the Energon Mine to its return to the Storage

Dominator's parking lot and pumping ground


shows Dominator's location in the Mine

Top Participants

a list that shows the current top 10 players in the Mine. The list shows the player's place in the TOP and the actual size of the Dominator

Active participant

a participant who performs daily Quests and collects 100 Quants per day

scale unit proportional to the completed Quest


an iron insect with wings that moves around the Mine and picks up Energon. Could be easy prey for the Dominato


after destroying Dominator, the Operator can get into a Drone and fly around the Mine, collecting Energon


the Dominator's companion and aide during the Raid.

(silver) domestic currency

(gold) external currency, token

(purple) pending-currency of the external token

Table №1: "Game Terminology".

*🔜 — feature in development.

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